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The personal data you provide can be collected and processed, with your express consent, for Spazio29 marketing activities by Alessandro Giarrizzo (hereinafter "Spazio29"), for example, to let you know the products and services offered by Camomilla Italia or its promotional and commercial initiatives. Such marketing activities will be carried out through automated ways (eg sending newsletters, emails, SMS) and traditional ways (eg sending out catalogs by paper mail).


Spazio29 will therefore treat your personal data as a holder with reference to all data processing aimed at Spazio products marketing activities29.

Personal data is handled with automated and manual tools for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected.

Specific security measures are observed to prevent data loss, misuse or incorrect use, and unauthorized access.


The provision of data is not mandatory, but non-delivery will result in the inability to receive invitations, information and commercial proposals.


Data may be known and processed by:


- other group companies,

- service providers,

- Spazio employees and consultants29,


who will act as responsible or in charge of the treatment duly appointed by the holder.


Personal data may also be transferred abroad in non-European countries, but will not be disseminated in any way.


We also remind you that you have the right to obtain confirmation of the existence of your data at any time and to know its content and source, to verify its accuracy or to request its integration or updating, or rectification. You also have the right to request deletion, transformation into anonymous form or block of processed data, and to oppose at any time your use of your data for the purposes described above. It should be noted that the right to object to the processing of their data for direct marketing purposes by automated means also extends to traditional ones, unless Suafacoltà only exercises this right. You can exercise these rights and request a complete list of the appointed managers by contacting Camomilla Italia at the following address.



In accordance with Measure n. 229 issued by the Personal Data Protection Guarantor on May 8, 2014, provides the following cookie information, about their functions, and how to disable them.

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Cookies are used for different purposes: for example, to remember the actions and preferences of the user (such as login data, preferred language, font size, other display settings, etc.) so which should not be re-indicated when the user returns to visit that site or navigates from one page to another;

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This kind of cookie is on our site; - feature cookies that allow you to navigate to the best on according to already selected criteria and options (such as your preferred language, so you do not have to select each option or the products you choose for the purchase, so you can store them in the virtual cart until the next site access). This kind of cookie is on our site; - third party cookies, used by partners at, in order to present you advertising banners when you are at other sites, displaying the latest products you watched at While browsing at, these cookies are also used to show you products that may interest you or similar to those you've looked at previously based on your browsing history. The use of these cookies does not imply the processing of personal data, but may allow you to connect to your computer or other devices and trace the saved data: these cookies connect to the browser installed on your computer or other devices used during navigation are;

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